Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wayang Golek Download : Budak Buncir

Prabu Rahwana / Dasamuka

Prabu Rahwana, or Prabu Dasamuka, is the king of the Kingdom of Alengkadirja. A kingdom with a region that is very wide powers.

Prabu Rahwana is king who have sacred magic power. He makes autumn Bambang Sumantri, governor of the kingdom Mayespati with Prabu Arjuna Sastrabahu as the king.

He has some magic power. Aji Pancasona, which is very hard bop. Aji Rawarontek, when one of the body's organs and then lost due to land at that time also the body's organs are connected with the body back as usual. Aji Dasamuka, have 10 lives.

Rahwana Batara destroyed by Rama, as the abducted Dewi Sinta (Batara Rama's wife). He has strangulated by two twin mountains which is the manifestation of two twin sons, namely Sonara and Sonari. Then his soul awaited by Anoman, the white monkey.

Tittle : Budak Buncir
Artist : Asep Sunandar Sunarya (Giri Harja III)
Length : 02;51;02 mp3 format

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